prevailing currently. This will surely make my job easier as we try to
focus on inclusive, resilient and sustainable economic growth.


To this effect Madam Speaker, I am mandated by His

Excellency the State President, as Minister of Finance, Economic
Planning and Development, to submit to this August House,
Government proposal on how resources that are expected to be
available for the 2019/20 budget will be utilized, for the
consideration and approval of the House on behalf of the people
of Malawi.









Honourable Members will ensure that the resources are reasonably
allocated to various sectors of the economy in order to improve
productivity for the development of this country, and the wellbeing
of its citizens. I therefore wish to urge Honourable Members, to
support me in this noble task by constructively debating and
contributing to the proposals that I, together with my team at the
Ministry and in consultations with other relevant stakeholders have
put together. This is a budget for all Malawians regardless of race,
region, religion or political affiliation.


Madam Speaker, let me mention that the budget

allocations are in line with the priorities of our National Blueprint, the
Third Malawi Growth and Development Strategy. The budget is
intended to leverage on the macroeconomic stability that has
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