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Aware of all these challenges the organisation conduct project to
alleviate trauma, educate families, empower persons with albinism
and boost their self esteem by the principle “Nothing about us
without us”
To raise awareness of Albinism condition. Educate parents of
children with albinism on how to take care of their skins
Promote acceptance of children with albinism in the family and
community at large
Advocate for rights of persons with albinism such as right to
reasonable accommodation at schools and work
Work together with schools, universities to educate teachers
and community about the condition of albinism and needs of
persons with albinism
Promote skills development that will empower persons with
albinism to conduct projects to end prejudice and
discrimination due to colour of their skin
To alleviate trauma and stigma to family by boosting self
esteem of their members
These objectives are in line to improve the life of persons with
albinism who faces many challenges in their daily life
Action of the organisation
First of all Western Cape Albinism and Hypo-pigment Foundation was
sponsored by the Department of Social Development (DSD) from
2015-2017 which was a big achievement in terms of allowing us to
rent facilities and conduct our projects. Above raising awareness and
campaign about the condition of Albinism, the main project is an IT
training centre with 5 computers with specific software of

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