Girl uses lemonade stand to raise awareness about albinism

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Girl uses lemonade stand to raise
awareness about albinism

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smoking, doing drugs
and drinking milk
By WLUC | Posted: Wed 11:53 AM, Jun 13, 2018

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) (6/13/2018) - Rylee Goudreau is taking it into
her 5-year-old hands to raise awareness about albinism.
According to the National Organization for
Albinism, this genetic disorder only affects one
in 18,000 people in the U.S. People diagnosed
with it lack pigment in their hair and skin.
"There are only a small amount of people in the
Iron Mountain-Kingsford area and I don't know
any farther than that who have albinism, even the lowest form to the highest form
of albinism," Rylee's mom, Christina Ureta, said. "We wanted to raise awareness
for that."
To raise awareness the family will run a lemonade stand on June 13th, which is[14/06/2018 1:04:47 PM]

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