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Man 'tried to sell' albino wife

Police in southwestern Tanzania say they have arrested a man accused of attempting to sell his albino wife.
The man was allegedly planning to sell his wife to two Congolese businessmen for around $3,000.
Albinos have been living in fear in Tanzania after a series of killings due to a belief their body parts can make magic
potions more effective.
At least 27 people with albinism have been killed since March, including a seven-month old baby.
President Jakaya Kikwete ordered a police crackdown on those involved in the killings, and 170 witchdoctors have since
been arrested.
But BBC investigations suggest that some police are being "bought off" in order to look away when such crimes are
Angry parents
Rukwa regional police commander Isunto Damian Mantage said the fisherman was arrested following a tip-off from an
informer, according to the Daily News newspaper.
His wife was not aware that he was planning to sell her off, police say.
Mr Mantage says the wife's angry parents have decided to take back their daughter.
The businessmen managed to escape arrest, and are suspected to have fled back to the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The police have asked Interpol to help track them down, the newspaper reported.
The recent attacks on albinos have been linked to witchdoctors who are peddling the belief that potions made from an
albino's legs, hair, hands, and blood can make a person rich.
Albinism affects one in 20,000 people worldwide, but in Tanzania the prevalence appears to be much higher.
The Albino Association of Tanzania says that although just 4,000 albinos are officially registered in the country, they
believe the actual number could be as high as 173,000.
A census is now underway to verify the figures.

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