SUMMARY OF CASES: Over 20,000 victims of harmful practices: accusations of witchcraft and ritual attacks have been reported in the last decade, across 60 countries. A significant number of victims are persons with albinism, older persons, women, and children. The following map indicates all countries where cases have been reported / data is available. For other visual representation of data, see Appendix: All Data Maps ENDORSEMENTS: This concept note and preliminary data has been endorsed by experts, researchers, experienced field workers and non-government organizations working on the issue of HPAWR. These include: The Pagan Federation (UK);Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias In Zambia; Human Rights Monitoring Institute; Equipe Pastorale auprès des Enfants en Détresse; Ethnologe-Politische Bildung; Dean and Professor, School of Nursing, Trinity Western University; Department of Political Science; Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis; University of London; African Network for Protection and Prevention Against Child Abuse and Neglect, Malawi; Associate Professor, Anthropology Section, Department of African and Gender Studies, University of Cape Town; Freedom Now Africa, Freedom Now International Foundation; Andhra Shraddha; Nirmulan Samiti; MSc Safeguarding; Medical Assistance Sierra Leone; Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone; Stepping Forward; Education for Development; CEO Storychangers e.V; Nyandengoh; African-Caribbean Institute; Sierra Leone Association of Persons with Albinism; EACO Uganda; University of Pretoria; Stop Child Witch Accusations Coalition. 2

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