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Kagera police kill ‘notorious criminal’

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Published on Tuesday, 12 June 2012 01:41
Written by MEDDY MULISA in Bukoba
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POLICE in Kagera region have gunned down an alleged notorious criminal and recovered an assortment of
firearms including two AK 47 and a Sub-machine gun (SMG).
Kagera Regional Police Commander (RPC) Philip Kalangi, told reporters that on June 9, this year, at around
4.30 a.m. a team of detectives led by SSP George Matagi, who is also the Regional Crimes Officer (RCO),
intercepted a gang of criminals who were planning to commit armed robbery at Tulawaka Barrick gold mine, in
Biharamulo district.
The heavily armed bandits opened fire on law enforcers who responded, killing the leader of the group who is
believed to be a notorious criminal. The bandit was not immediately identified and his body was preserved at
the Biharamulo District hospital. Police also recovered two AK 47 guns with serial numbers UC 55231990, UC
16081998 and a sub-machine gun serial number 56128033262 and 246 rounds of ammunition.
Other items include two hand grenades, two pairs of uniforms belonging to the Tanzania People's Defence
Forces (TPDF), three magazines , a pair of boots and two rain coats. He said a massive manhunt was in progress
to net other criminals who escaped after their leader was shot dead.
Meanwhile, four suspects have been arrested allegedly for planning to murder an albino based on superstitious
belief. RPC Kalangi named the suspects as Gaison Galela (50) from Karagwe district, Njenwa Charles (30),
Byamungu Felician (53) and Masanja Mabula (40), all from Mutukula village in Misenyi district.
He said the four suspects were planning to kill the albino, identified as Harubu Nuru from Misenyi district. They
were arrested on June 7, this year. According to RPC Kalangi, Galela was arrested at Bwanga village, Chato
district in Geita Region as he was looking for a traditional medicine man who would buy the body parts. Police
were also looking for the unnamed traditional doctor.


12/06/2012 6:10 PM

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