Since 2010 when Positive
Exposure-Kenya was born to
address the plight of persons with
albinism in Kenya and beyond a
community of high alert, we have
put many efforts in changing the
narratives that surround albinism
and resources like the ALBINISM &
magazine will be a breakthrough in
doing exactly that and ensuring that
persons with albinism
continue owningtheir stories and
narratives. Highlighting &
Understanding albinism to
demystify the myths and
misconceptions that surround the
condition remain our priority.

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Message by
Peter Muchiri
Page 6

Amani for
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Brave Heart
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Greatness come
from small

The articles in this first edition in
times of a global crises COVID -19
havebeen submitted by persons with
albinism , their relations and key
actors in the work.

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PEK at 10
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Made to Shine
Page 34

My Golden Baby

Edi Onyinye Prisca - Nigeria
One foot in front of the other, I will keep Climbing

They represent the situation of persons with albinism across
different walksof life. We hope they
inspire you our readers as we continue to shine the albinism awareness light in this MADE TO SHINE
inaugural edition!
Enjoy the read!
Advocacy & Communication Desk.

Mariam Staford - Tanzania
The climb to conquer stigma and descrimination

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