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Malawi: priest arrested in albino killing
Source: Xinhua   2018-04-18 05:31:11

LILONGWE, April 17 (Xinhua) -- A Catholic priest in Malawi has been arrested in
connection to the brutal killing of a 22-year-old man with albinism, police confirmed
Police Service spokesperson James Kadadzera told local media that the priest, Father
Thomas Muhosha, was arrested on Monday in the eastern district of Machinga as he
attempted to cross into neighboring Mozambique.
According to the police, the priest's arrest brings the number of suspects connected to the
killing, in early April, of the man with albinism to 12, including a police officer and a
health worker.

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McDonald Masambuka, who was born with albinism, went missing in mid-March. His
body was found on April 1 in a shallow grave with some parts missing.
The United Nations strongly condemned the resurfacing of the killing of people with
albinism in Malawi.

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Malawi president Peter Mutharika has asked for "an honest national dialogue on
implementation of a death penalty following the barbaric act."
The presidential statement followed an appeal from the Association for Persons with
Albinism in Malawi for the government to implement the death penalty in the southern
African country.
Since 2014, Malawi has registered at least 125 cases of attacks and killings of persons with
albinism. More than 20 people were brutally killed for their body parts which unfounded
beliefs claim are used for charms to create wealth.

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