The hunt for Albinos is still on

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The hunt for Albinos is still on
The Observers ^ | 13/04/2009 | Stefan Chiara Gregoracci
Posted on Friday, September 18, 2009 10:40:54 PM by csvset

The hunt for Albinos is still on

© Alida Vanni. A
school in Tanzania.
The case of 18-year-old Moszy, who landed on a Spanish beach along with several other refugees
from Africa, has raised awareness of the plight of albinos in many African countries, where
witchdoctors claim albino body parts can bring wealth and good luck.
Albinism is an inherited genetic condition characterised by the absence of melanin in skin, eyes and
hair and can affect all races. African albinos, easily spotted by their white skin and fair hair, have long
been ostracised and discriminated against. The target of superstitions and sorcery, they are hunted
down for their body parts, some of which are thought to confer magical powers.

‘There is an old belief, that when the volcano erupts, only albino blood can
placate the god of the mountain’
Stefan arrived in Italy two years ago after fleeing his native Cameroon. A trained journalist, he was
granted asylum on humanitarian grounds and now lives in Turin.
I left my country to escape the widespread prejudice targeting albinos such as me. People are
starting to talk more and more about the plight of albinos in Tanzania, but things are much the same in


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