December 2018

Biannual Newsletter
Volume 2
Dear Members and Friends of Sinasra,

The year has almost come to its end and the festive season we are all lasting for is coming soon!
We want to take this opportunity to wish you a merry, peaceful and blessed Christmas season and a
happy, healthy and successful New Year 2019!
Thank you for your constant support of Albino Care Sinasra, all your efforts, ideas, your inspiration and
for the wonderful projects you have initiated. With your support Albino Care Sinasra was able to make
a true difference in the lives of many persons with albinism in Namibia.
More than half a year ago you received the first newsletter and we got a lot of positive feedback which
encouraged us to continue and to summarize for you what Sinasra has done in the recent past.
Now you hold the second edition in your hand and we hope you will enjoy reading it!

What has happened since May 2018?
1. We are happy that we received funds to realize our Christmas card project as part of our awareness
rising campaign. Our fellow Rotarians Pius and Jürgen have actively supported us and in early
November the Christmas cards and posters were printed and ready for collection. Our proud and
beautiful photo-models are learners from the School for Visually Impaired. We had a lot of fun during
the shooting – although our photographer Rotarian Pius had to stand for hours in the heat while taking
pictures. Many of you already received samples of our cards and posters. There are still many left and
you are welcome to pick up cards and share them with your family and friends.

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