By Ergo Updates - December 30, 2020
Hassan Bakar, the man who was offered a job at a government ministry

(ERGO) – Hassan Bakar Bile, 25, an albino living in a displacement camp in the
southern Somali town of Kismayo, was having a tough time until being offered a job at
a government ministry.
Hassan, who was working at a local car wash, was recently hired as a gardener in the
Jubbaland finance ministry compound, at a salary of $200 per month.
“It is a great job. I only work when the weather is mild because they know I can’t
handle very hot weather,” Hassan enthused.
“Life was very difficult before, but it is now excellent for me and my family. I’m able to
save $100 a month after spending $50 on food for the family and another $50 on the
The offer came after local media reported his struggles at an outdoor car wash, working
in unbearable heat to earn a couple of dollars and often facing abuse from drivers about
the way he looked.
“Some days I’d stay there until dusk without getting any work, while the kids were
waiting for me, thinking their dad is out working. I’d go home empty-handed and my
whole body would be aching from sun exposure. I sometimes would get so sick that I
had to stay at home for five days,” he said.
Mohamed Kamil Yusuf, director general at the finance ministry, told Radio Ergo that the
government is aware of the challenges faced by the 20 or so albinos in the city.
“Normally people have to go through a competitive process to get a job with the
government, but we made an exception for Hassan. Considering his situation, we asked
him what skills he had and gave him a job based on one of the skills he cited. We made
special arrangements based on his needs like arranging so that he does not have to
work when the weather is too hot for him,” he said.

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