MEMORANDUM PRESENTED AT THE NATIONAL PUBLIC HEARING ON THE PROPOSED ALTERATION TO THE PROVISIONS OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA, 1999 ON 3RD & 4TH OF JUNE, 2021 Introduction The interest group of Persons with Disabilities participates in this epoch Public Hearing with eager anticipation and a deep sense of nationalism. Our most sincere expectation is that this Public Hearing will eventually yield an amendment to the Constitution that will reflect the overall interests of the good people of Nigeria. The community of Persons with Disabilities who constitute an estimated 15% of Nigeria’s total population has always looked forward to such opportunities as this to press forward the critical issues affecting the population, and also proffer recommendations to be adopted in the constitutional amendment process. Our overarching recommendation is that the peculiarities of persons with disabilities be adequately provided for in the Constitution. Specifically, we recommend as follows: THE PREAMBLE “and inclusion” should be added to the second paragraph of the preamble so that it reads as follows: AND TO PROVIDE for a Constitution for the purpose of promoting the good government, welfare and inclusion of all persons in our country, on the principles of Freedom, Equality and Justice, and for the purpose of consolidating the Unity of our people. NEW SECTION 14(5) subject to subsection (3) and (4) Government at the Federal State and Local Government Councils, shall ensure representation of persons with disability SECTION 15(2) Disability should be a prohibited ground of discrimination, so that Section 15(2) reads as follows: Accordingly, national integration shall be actively encouraged, whilst discrimination on the grounds of place of origin, sex, religion, disability, status, ethnic or linguistic association or ties shall be prohibited. SECTION 17 Inclusion should be part of the State Social Order, so that Section 17(1) should read as follows: The State social order is founded on ideals of Freedom, Equality, Justice and Inclusion. There should be a new subsection to Section 17 which shall read as follows: a. Government at all levels shall promote the learning and development of the general use of sign language, Braille, and other means of assistive communication. b. Government at all levels shall actively promote social inclusion and economic integration of persons with disabilities.

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