● Associação Ze Manuel Pinto (AZEMAP), legally constituted on August 25th, 2016, by order number 14. Is a civil society organisation, of a charismatic and philanthropic nature, created under articles one and 4 of law 8/91 of July 18th. Its mission is to advocate for the vulnerable, with emphasis on the person with albinism. Its vision is from charity, with charity for charity, on behalf of the neediest and its values are a charity, respect for diversity, integrity, dignity, and professionalism. ● Albinism Foundation of Zambia was established in 2008 as a nongovernmental organisation that works to promote the welfare of persons with albinism in Zambia. It is the first albinism organisation in Zambia. The vision of the foundation is to see persons with albinism in Zambia enjoying and exercising their rights and fundamental freedoms on an equal basis with the rest of society without any form of discrimination based on their condition. ● Divine Connexion World Wide’s mission is to create a world where the fear of God, Peace, and Justice is inherent in the majority. Their mission is to promote a biblically inclusive society in Benin and throughout Africa by developing quality leadership among children and young people, providing the population with healthy theological resources, protecting and empowering the vulnerable, and planting Christocentric churches formative of disciples. ● Albinism Advocacy for Access South Africa’s focus is on learners with Albinism, as many drop out of school and attempt suicide. They push to build confidence; show they can achieve anything they desire; we assist in finding bursaries so they study further and push for independence. ● The Sierra Leone Albinism Foundation vision is extensive and includes the establishment of inclusive societies where people with albinism are part of the national development dialogue. Their mission is to promote and protect the human rights and welfare of persons with albinism in Sierra Leone. Contact: info@africaalbinismnetwork.org Compiled by Innocentia Mgijima Konopi, Human Rights and Capacity Building Consultant Africa Albinism Network 2 | Page

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