UPDATED ON: TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2009 15:19 MECCA TIME, 12:19 GMT Life of fear for Tanzania's Albinos Watch Part 2 As part of its new Africa Uncovered series, Al Jazeera went to Tanzania and found the targeted killings of Albino citizens has shocked the country. Susana Nyere is certain the men that murdered her husband were local. "The killers were speaking our tribal language; they must be from here, from this village, or the villages around us, not from a far place," she says. Rutahiro Nyerere, a 53-year-old from Tanzania's second-largest city, Mwanza, had been having dinner with his wife in late June when four men emerged from the shadows and the horrific slaughter began. He initially invited the men to dine with him but one took out a big knife and hit him over the head. "I ran away to the village to ask for help, when I came back with my neighbours, we found my husband dead body without legs and genitals," Susana says.

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