Children with Albinism in Tanzania. April 2017

Children with Albinism in Tanzania
April 2017

This report is respectfully submitted by Under The Same Sun to 29th Session ofthe African Committee of
Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACERWC), Maseru, Lesotho, April 2017.
Under The Same Sun (UTSS) is a civil society organization committed to ending the often-deadly
discrimination against people with albinism. UTSS promotes, via advocacy and education, the wellbeing of
persons with albinism who are misunderstood, marginalized, attacked and killed because of their genetic
condition. While UTSS acts globally, much of our focus has been on the crisis faced by people with albinism
in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Executive Summary

Across 28 African countries, there have been 522 reported attacks since year 2000. This includes 191
documented murders of people with albinism and 331 cases of missing persons, assault, mutilation, rape,
attempted abductions, grave violations and other acts of violence.1 In the reports, in 2016-2017, 30 children
with albinism between the ages of less than 1yr to 17yrs were attacked in 12 African countries.2


Under the Same Sun makes recommendations to the United Republic of Tanzania in the areas of policy
development, Law reform, budgetary allocation, government accountability, and data gathering.

Interventions by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania

UTSS welcomes all interventions taken by the United Republic of Tanzania in addressing violations of rights
and welfare of children with albinism in the country especially pursuant to the recommendations given in
the ACERWC 2016 investigative mission report.


To mention a few;
The active role played by the Tanzania Commission of Human Rights and Good Governance in
publicly condemning atrocities and discrimination against PWA and lobbying for the establishment
of one official taskforce and Action plan addressing the issue.
The Launch of a nationwide albinism awareness raising campaign by the then Deputy Minister
(Prime Minister’s Office) in charge of person with disabilities.
Close monitoring and follow-up of court cases involving attacks against PWA by the office of the
Director of Public Prosecutions.
Free handouts of sunscreen lotions to PWA where available in medicine stores of Regional
Allowing a country visit by the United Nations Independent Expert on the enjoyment of rights of
PWA as well as supporting her previous activities in the country.
Making the safety and protection of PWA a permanent agenda in meetings of local government
safety and security committees.

Under the Same Sun submission re ACERWC


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