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Albinos demand waiver on sunscreen
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NAIROBI, Kenya, May
4 - The Albinism

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Sh130m ivory probe

Society of Kenya
(ASK) wants equality

New pact to provide safe

in the provision of

water in Africa

healthcare with a
demand that Finance

More judicial jobs up for

Minister Uhuru


Kenyatta should

Fuel shortage hurting

waive tax on

economic growth

sunscreen products
used by albinos, in
the 2011/2012

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jams and waiting in long
queues to get the scarce
fuel. The business
community is yet again
victim to the inefficiencies
of the petroleum
infrastructure and rules of
operation in this country.

ASK Chairman Alex Munyere said the government should facilitate the move in order to save
lives and prevent the development of skin cancer in albinos.

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He noted that one tube of 100 millilitres of sunscreen with Sun Protection Factor 50, which is
recommended for use by albinos, costs more than Sh1,300.
"We need this sunscreen for our survival and we need the government to provide sunscreen in
all public chemists such that when I go to hospital, just like diabetic gets insulin... I should get
sunscreen," he argued.

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"The cheaper versions of sunscreen such as Factor 20 or 30 won't do much," he explained.
People living with albinism are at a higher risk of developing basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer)
and are required to wear protective clothing and also use sunscreen.

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However, the government only promised a blanket waiver of duty on the products. This means

2 . Former NTV reporter

that the ASK has to ship them in on behalf of its members in order for the taxes to be lifted.

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"The government does not want to waive tax on every sunscreen products because they are
categorised under beauty products. So we are entering into a memorandum of understanding

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with the government such that the sunscreen we import as a society, is not taxed."

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Mr Munyere was speaking during the inaugural national day for people living with albinism in
Kenya, where he noted that such persons continued facing discrimination in their daily lives.
He also said that there was need to amend the Disabilities Act, to explicitly mention persons
living with albinism, and create more awareness to fight prejudice.
"We just don't want to ride on the Disabilities Act; we need a specific chapter that addresses
our concerns because they are unique and unless they are addressed uniquely, they will be
easily forgotten," he said.

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