Albinism in Africa: information for
Lund, P. (editor)

Published version deposited in CURVE May 2014

AIMZ: Albinism in Malawi & Zambia
Original citation:
Lund, P. (2014). Albinism in Africa: information for children. AIMZ: Albinism in Malawi &
A country-specific version of this booklet is available for Zambia
Additional notes:
Booklet written by Dr. Patricia Lund (Coventry University, UK) .
Thank you to the many people who have contributed to this booklet, including Dr. Paul
Lynch (University of Birmingham) and the albinism associations of Malawi and Zambia.
Illustrations by Teresa Robertson (
Development of this information pamphlet was co-sponsored by:
Coventry University (UK)
The Commonwealth Secretariat (UK)
This pamphlet can be used free of charge for any non-commercial purpose providing that
the above acknowledgement of the sponsors is given.

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