Let us STOP Dangerous Albinism Prejudice together! - Ugandan UK ConventionUgandan UK Convention conditions and limited access to legal services. PWAs were unique that their skins were easily affected by sun rays which lead to skin cancer and their eye sight was also very poor. Albinism Umbrella had and was creating awareness through the media to reduce ignorance about the condition, sensitize the community to overcome discrimination among employers, schools and general public. We were advocating for inclusion in development programs as a way to alleviate poverty in this community. We envision an albinism center to show case our capabilities. This would be a one stop center on issue of albinism and development. It would have a health facility, training center, housing facility, data center, farming land and administration block. Efforts towards this dream were started by a fundraising walk spearheaded by the Speaker of Parliament on 5th February 2017. It was estimated to cost five billion shillings. The albinism community needed sun screen to protect their vulnerable skins which was not readily available Preliminary research had been done to locally manufacture the crèmes There a need to go through the scientific rigor and certification of this essential drug for the albinos. What help was needed? Research – There was no credible data bout albinism in the country and research was needed to have this important tool in planning for this constituency. Local sunscreen production. These were essential drug for the albino community which were very expensive and scarce in the country. Local production would make them available and more affordable Empowerment program for PWAs and their care givers Sensitization for both the community leaders and PWAs Support the construction of an albinism center Sponsor a child education with $300 a year. https://www.ugandanconventionuk.org/let-us-stop-dangerous-albinism-prejudice-together/[07/06/2018 10:52:03 AM]

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