Report to the CRC on Zambia January 2020 This report was prepared jointly by Under the Same Sun (UTSS) and Albinism Foundation of Zambia (AFZ). The report is based on information from media reports; partners on the ground in Zambia including AFZ as well as UTSS own internal research. Questions for the Government of Zambia • • • • • • • • What measures has the Government taken to implement the recommendation issued by this committee during the last review regarding ensuring equal access to education, basic health care and other welfare services for all children1 with specific reference to children with albinism? What intensified efforts has the Government taken to eliminate discrimination against the most vulnerable groups of children, such as girls and children with disabilities 2 including children with albinism? What measures has the Government taken to ensure that children with disabilities have access to inclusive early childhood care and education, early development programmes, health care and other services, and ensure such services receive adequate human, technical and financial resources in compliance with the previous concluding observation; It is reported that violence and stigma aimed at people with albinism is still widespread due to general ignorance and myths associated with the condition, what has the Government done to develop and conduct awareness-raising activities with the aim of increasing understanding of what albinism and changing the societal misconceptions about albinism also eliminating stigmatization in the society? What deliberate efforts has been taken to provide training for professional staff working with children with disabilities with specific reference to children with albinism, such as teachers, medical, paramedical and related personnel and social workers, in order to understand the needs of children with albinism and accommodate their needs accordingly? What concrete measures has the Government taken to ensure that the perpetrators of the gruesome attacks against children with albinism have been brought to justice? What concrete measures has the Government taken to provide remedies to children who are victims of attack and their family members including access to justice, legal, medical and socio-economic remedies? How far does the National Plan of Action for 2015 youth Policy from the 1 %2fC%2fZMB%2fCO%2f2-4&Lang=en accessed on 17/01/2020 2 ibid Page 2 of 12

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