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Blessings for Albino children in Uganda
Posted: 6 October, 2008

Uganda (MNN) ― In Uganda, people believe that an albino child is a curse on the
People with albinism inherit a combination of recessive genes that causes a lack of
melanin pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. This allows their eyes to be easily damaged
and their skin to be unusually susceptible to skin cancer when exposed to sunlight.
Because of their appearance, their communities often shun them, or worse. Ritual
killings of persons with albinism are growing to crisis proportions in East Africa. To
address this issue, a regional body--the Pan-African Albinism Association--was
established in May to address the rights of persons with Albinism.
Reaching out to the children who struggle with the condition fits squarely into the vision
statement of Every Child Ministries. ECM's Lorella Rouster says a new ministry
opportunity to these kids developed last year during a mission trip. "We saw a boy who
was an Albino, and one of the team members noticed how he was going around with his
arm up all the time, trying to protect his eyes from the sun. She immediately took off her
sunglasses and gave them to him."

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