Another local dermatologist presented at the function Frederick Mtotho said the albino population counting in the districts is going on well. He asked all albinos to register with their nearest hospitals or clinic. “Some albinos come to Blantyre to access facilities, and we are saying they can visit their nearest clinics with in Malawi register and start accessing facilities,” he said. Share | Latest News 1. South Korea PM visits Ghana16:10South Korea's deputy prime minister Young-June visits Ghana from June 25-27 2010. 2. Kenya pass bill to control prices15:23The Kenyan parliament passed a law seeking to reintroduce price controls on selected goods. 3. Senegal adopts law on renewable energy11:35Senegal adopted a new law aimed at promoting an enhanced renewable energy production. 4. $224m grant to developing nations11:30Three African countries among the first to benefit from the $224ml agriculture fund. 5. Only God can save us - I. Coast defender10:25Ivory Coast looks up to God to deliver them from the North Koreans with huge scores. 6. WC 2010: Ghana advance to second round23/06Ghana has advanced to the second round of the World Cup in South Africa. 7. Algeria crashed out of WC 201023/06The Desert Foxes of Algeria have been eliminated from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. 8. Climate change must dominate media23/06The media has been urged to act as interpreters of the fight against climate change. 9. Media forum on climate change opens23/06A media forum on climate change has opened in Bonn, Germany for over 1,500 participants.

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