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Western Cape Albinism and Hypo-pigment Foundation was found in
2012 and registered in 2013.
It was a call to fill the gap of inexistence organisation to promote and
advance the cause of persons with albinism in the province of
Western Cape. To avoid a spread of beliefs and superstitions about
the condition as such they do not die just disappear when times
come, they have a special power. These beliefs are due to lack of
genetic information and ignorance affecting the life of person with
Therefore, persons with the condition of albinism come together to
register the organisation to counterattack these beliefs, lack of
genetic information and voice their causes within jurisdiction of the
province of Western Cape. Indeed, in past years many persons with
albinism have joined Blind Association due to a lack of an
organisation dealing with their causes.
So, Western Cape Albinism and Hypo-pigment Foundation gives a
platform to person with albinism to conduct projects which will carry
a strong messages to the community about their ability and also to
educate community about albinism and advance their causes,
promote the right of persons with albinism due their skin challenges
as visual impairment, skin cancer due to the lack of melanin and skin
burns to the sun. Accordingly, persons with albinism need sunscreen
lotion to protect their skins, long sleeves hat umbrella which are
expensive and caused of trauma stigma and poverty to the family.

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