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Statement on the situation of Children with Albinism in Africa to the ACERWC - 37th Session (March 2021)
Statement on the situation of Children with Albinism in Africa (Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia) to the ACERWC - 38th session
APRODEPA RAPPORT: 1er semestre 2020
Concept paper addressing challenges in implementation of National Action Plan for Persons with Albinism (Oct.2021)
Submission to the Committee on the Rights of the Child on the Situation of Children with Albinism in Eswatini (Aug 2021)
Report to the CRC - The situation of Children with Albinism in Zambia (Jan 2020)
Submission to OHCHR on Disability Data and Statistics (Oct.21)
Relatório sobre a Pesquisa Mundial de 2020 - Sumário executivo
Rapport sur l’Enquête mondiale 2020 - Synthèse des principaux résultats
Informe sobre la Encuesta mundial 2020 - Resumen de gestión
Albinism Organizations Worldwide Survey - Executive Summary (2021)
Global Albinism Alliance
Stratégie Nationale de Prise en Charge des Groupes Sociaux Vulnérables - Diagnostic (2011)
Evaluation of the Acceptance and Efficacy of Bespoke Sun Protection Package for Persons with Oculocutaneous Albinism Living in Malawi (2021)
Albino Foundation - Annual Report 2020
Projet de Prestations de Soins Dermatologiques des PAA en Guinée (Nov-déc 2021)- UBEAG/Corbetta
MEMORANDUM presented at the National Public Hearing on Proposed Alterations to the Constitution of Nigeria (June 2021)
Rapport Albinos de Mauritanie - Journée de l'albinisme 2021
Policy Document - Jornadas em Alusão Ao Dia Mundial do Albinismo- FINAL
Report and policy document on the organisation of World Albinism Day 2021 -13 DE JUNHO - in Angola
Final Report on the RAP (2017-2021)
Persons with Disabilities Regulations 2021 Submitted (1)
Draft National Action Plan on Albinism : Uganda
National Action Plan
Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Persons with Albinism - A Manual for National Human Rights Institutions
Albinism Worldwide Report2021 FR
PEOPLE WITH ALBINISM WORLDWIDE, A Human Rights Perspective (2021)
Why Counting Persons with Albinism Matters (Kenya -2019)
Panama Albinism Law (2021)
Brochure pour enseignants
Educational Material

30 shown of 750 entities