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Standing Voice Vision Programme (2018)
Security Guideline for People With Albinism (2017 updated version)
Sociodemographic feature of a Cohort of People Living with Albinism in Botswana (2021)
Factors Affecting Quality of Life for People Living with Albinism in Botswana
How to Break the Myths Surrounding Albinism - Gaining Insight into albinism-related stigma Reduction Interventions in Local Communities and Formal Education in Tanzania (2020- PhD Thesis)
Women’s experiences of living with albinism in Taiwan and perspectives on reproductive decision making: A qualitative study (Dec. 2020)
New ministry job for Somali albino car washer - (30 Dec.2020)
Persons with albinism get subsidized creams - The New Times - Rwanda
Standing Voice Vision Programme 2018
Human Rights Violations on Children With Albinism in Africa (2015-2016)
Children with Albinism in Tanzania - Report to the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACERWC) - 2017
Exploring the Experience of Mothers who have Children with albinism in Tanzania: a Critical Ethnography
Baseline Survey on Socio-Economic Status of Persons with Albinism and their Households in the Lake Zone (2019)
Mali: Albinisme, le Défi de l'Accès à la Crème Solaire (2020)
Albinism Royal Foundation - Report 2017 to 2020
Secret de la longévité des albinos en Afrique - (video 2020)
Best Practices in the Protection of Human Rights of Persons with Albinism - Addendum to the Report of the Independent Expert on the Enjoyment of Human Rights by Persons with Albinism
Bright students with albinism trained for varsities (sept 2020)
Mozambique Police arrested five over human trafficking with alleged buyers in Zimbabwe (2020)
Conakry: Un groupe de femmes arrêté pour l’exploitation des enfants albinos à la mendicité
RDC: L'OBEAC dit attendre du Président Tshisekedi "le réalisme"
Disability Inclusion Manual (Nigeria)
Educational Material
The Demographic and Socio-Economic Study of Persons with Albinism in Oyo and Plateau States- Nigeria (2019)
National policy on Albinism in Nigeria (2019) -
Engaging with the Police in Zambia -Video (Aug. 2020)
Albinism Foundation of Zambia - AFZ - Breaking the silence on albinism
Albinos - Boulby (clip officiel)
Secret de la longévité des albinos en Afrique
Le cancer de la peau chez les personnes vivant avec l'albinisme. Une émission réalisée par Corbetta RDC
Développement d'une Formule Photoprotectrice pour les Personnes Atteintes d'albinisme Occulo-cutané (2020)

30 shown of 689 documents