An Albino in Mozambique | Page 1 of 3 HOW DOES DEMOTIX WORK? Welcome to Demotix! JOIN THE COMMUNITY ABOUT US REGISTER AS MEDIA BUYER BLOG LOGIN HELP ADVANCED SEARCH NEWS Europe Asia Asia South N. America S. America Middle East Environment Politics Our World Society Sports COMMUNITY MEDIA BUYER Africa Arts Business AFRICA > Mozambique in Society, on the 16th of September 2010 Posted by: An Albino in Mozambique Albinos in Africa are in full view within the black population of Mozambique. Parents regularly abandon them, leaving albinos to survive on the streets alone. Tete, Mozambique. 16/09/2010 VLAD SOKHIN EUROPE Portugal Lisbon I am a Russian freelance photographer, residing in Portugal. I work for the Portuguese photo-agency "Atlantico Press" and Rus... Read more. 40 stories 1007 images 6 698 comments views 2 videos 0 tweets tweet Dancing during a party in the rustic bar. ID: 441229 Quick Actions: More News from this Author Ukrainian housekeeper in Portugal in Society on 25/09/2010 Video: Priest of Zion Church performs exorcism on Maputo beach in Our World on 22/09/2010 Albinism - a congenital absence of melanin in the body which affects the color of skin, hair and eyes. In European countries albinos do not stand out as much due to high multiracial countries, yet in Africa they live in heavily populated black communities, leaving them open for discrimination. Video: A traditional African healer Mozambique in Society on 22/09/2010 In Tanzania, there are a lot of cases where albinos were killed and their organs were eaten to "heal" diseases. In Zimbabwe, it is a popular belief that raping an albino woman will "cure" AIDS. Albinos in Mozambique however are not subjected to these brutal discriminations, but are usually abandoned by their own parents. Marijuana cultivators in Kalkha village of Morocco in Society on 18/04/2010 This is a story about one albino Gonçalves Cresosto from the town of Tete. Eid al-Fitr in Kambulatsetsi village, Mozambique in Our World on 10/09/2010 Tags abandon, africa, african albinos, albinism, albino, albinos, Angonia, Black, black skin, canser, care, cure, daily life, Daily Life, discrimination, disease, health, melanin, Mozambique, pigment, skin, Tete, town, white, white skin, whiteness, People, Health Care, Community, Youth, Poverty, Our world, Society Share Related News Were you there? Video: A Video: A traditional African healer Mozambique by Vlad Sokhin in Mozambique Comment To leave a comment and join the community, please create a user profile. Or, if you have an account, please login. Submitted by Vlad Sokhin on Fri, 17/09/2010 - 08:22. First disabled man to graduate from the Pedagogical Univesity of Beira Mozambique. by enlumen in Mozambique Ramadan in Mozambique by Vlad Sokhin in Mozambique Login 9/25/2010

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