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Children with Albinism

Children with albinism are particularly vulnerable as they are exposed to intersecting and multiple forms of discrimination. In addition, children are particularly targeted for ritual killings. The Human Rights Council Advisory Committee also stressed the specific challenges faced by children with albinism in that regard.


  • Children with albinism are often particular targets of attacks due to the witchcraft based belief that the innocence of a victim from whom body parts are taken increases the potency of the potion for which the body parts are used. Cases reported by civil society indicate that children constitute a large proportion of victims of ritual attacks.
  • As noted by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children, children with albinism are at high risk of abandonment, stigmatization and marginalization as a result of their appearance, and due to disability factors associated with their condition, such as impaired eyesight and sensitive skin.


  • Train children in safety measures as developed by CBM in concert with the Independent Expert.
  • Carry out all action related to women above specifically and in the AU Plan of Action (2021-2031) generally. Support to mothers will flow to their children.
  • Support the provision of reasonable accommodation in schools by supporting training of educators around the guide for educators of students with albinism, successfully piloted in Tanzania.

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