Thematic Entry Points

Public Education and Awareness


  • Prevalence of myths surrounding albinism leading to ritual attacks in 27 African countries
  • Ignorance and lack of understanding about albinism, its causes and origins
  • Ignorance and lack of understanding about human rights, the corresponding duty of the State and the obligations of private citizens
  • Ignorance and lack of understanding about the effects of harmful practices related to witchcraft including the criminal act inherent in them


  • Changing the narrative around albinism, difference and disability from negative, to positive notions of diversity
  • Addressing harmful practices in particular witchcraft-related harmful practices


This thematic area will contribute to the following targets of the regional action plan:

A. Prevention Measures1.1; 1.4;
B. Protection Measures2.2; 2.3;
C. Accountability Measures
D. Equality & Non-Discrimination

Country performance

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