timeslive Page 1 of 3 Print this page The terror of being a black child with a white skin Jul 4, 2010 12:00 AM| By South African journalist Sam Rogers won an international award for her documentary The Curse of the Nobody People. But this accolade has done nothing to end the hunting of albinos in Africa, she told Sue de Groot MUTILATED: Sisters Tindi and Bibianna (right), whose leg was cut off Photograph by: Photograph by: " 'Most of the victims are children, dragged from their beds or kidnapped ... Those who survive are missing a limb' " Jacob Zuma Some say it's hard being black in Africa, and some say it's hard being white. Try being a black person with a white skin. In Tanzania, one out of every 3000 people is born with a congenital absence of pigment. The average life http://www.timeslive.co.za/sundaytimes/article531266.ece/The-terror-of-being-a-black-chi... 7/29/2010

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