Pakistan Albinism Society
​Let's Change Struggle Into Success

Pakistan Albinism Society is Pakistan's only non-profit working for the cause of the rare genetic condition called
albinism. Our aim to spearhead awareness and advocacy about albinism in all over the Pakistan. We want to create a
safe and helpful environment for people with albinism to handle all kinds of difficulties they're facing. (PAS) wants to
make better social, emotional and physical life of People with albinism. The most important thing is Pakistan Albinism
Society is not officially registered on national level but we are still working hard to give a better platform. (PAS) just
trying to together all people with albinism and fight for the right. There are many people connected with Pakistan
Albinism Society everyone is working individually.
. We don't know the actual figures but there are
more than 30,000 people with albinism in
. A total lack of melanin, a generic condition called
albinism, people are extremely sensitive to the sun
People with albinism have very light skin hair and
eyes and low vision
. Most children with albinism have ‘normally’
pigmented parents
. Children and young adults often feel discriminated
in schools colleges even in universities and also in
Their relatives because of their appearance
and low vision but our family members are very
supportive and giving us a better environment
. The government of Pakistan and the people are not
taking interest in that issue, there are many
national and international organizations working but
never highlights the issue.
. People with albinism are often shy and reserved
. Awareness in society about the condition is almost
. Bringing together friends and families to share their
stories and support one another.
. Here in Pakistan people with albinism are also
facing problems regarding marriage most of people
are avoiding to marry with albino girl.
. There are also some families in Pakistan who think
that people with albinism do not have the ability to
do anything in their own life.
. People with are also ignored by society.
. Pakistan Albinism Society and member are still
finding person with albinism in Pakistan we hope
that we will find many and we are willing to help
We have already reached out to over above 70
With your support, we can certainly do more.

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