The Citizen (Dar es Salaam)

Tanzania: Albinos Call for Public Hanging of Murderers
24 September 2009

The Tanzania Albino Society (TAS) has called for the public execution of three people who
were yesterday sentenced to death for murdering an albino.
Masumbuko Madata, 32, Emmanuel Masangwa, 28, and Charles Kalamuji, alias Masangwa,
42, all residents of Shinyanga Region, were sentenced to death by the High Court sitting in
Kahama for the brutal murder of a 13-year-old boy.
TAS national chairman Ernest Kimaya urged President Jakaya Kikwete to assent to the
death sentences as soon as possible.
"The society hopes that President Jakaya Kikwete will authorise the death sentences the
soonest, and that the executions will be carried out publicly to show that the Government is
serious in its war on albino killers," he said.
He commended the Government for expediting the trial and the High Court for "delivering
Nominated MP Al-Shymaa Kwegyir said she was delighted by the sentence, adding that
people who murdered fellow human beings had no right to live.
"The sentences should send a powerful message to all those thinking about killing others
they are an appropriate deterrent," she said.
Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) executive director Francis Kiwanga said the court
had acted within the confines of the law by handing out the death sentence to the killers.
However, he pointed out that it had always been LHRC's position that capital punishment
should be abolished in Tanzania.
Mr Kiwanga said over 40 lives had been lost in murders targeting albinos, adding that
sentencing the convicts to death would not bring about any positive results.
He noted that the fact that the murderers had been found guilty according to the law should
not deny them the right to life.
"Efforts should focus on preventing crime rather than letting people freely commit horrendous
crimes and later sentencing them to death it's not very helpful."

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